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We have an excellent full-day Kindergarten program.

  • Which includes meals and care before and after class time.
  • The children explore the “Land of the Letter People” where language comes alive. Mr. M has a munching mouth and Ms. T has tall teeth.
  • Areas covered are language & literacy, math, art, social studies, science and health.
  • Children in our Kindergarten program are taught sight words, as well as taught to read phonetically.
  • The children bring home books to read to their parents and have weekly spelling tests.
  • Other topics our program covers include self-esteem, feelings, keeping ourselves safe, etc.
  • We use the following Curriculum; Land of the Letter People by Abrams & Company and Mathematics by Silver Burdett Ginn

Parent Feedback…

Our daughter really enjoyed learning so much and making new friends.

Ella always loved her time with Miss. Nila.

Rachel H.