The Ogden Center’s Staff

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Christie Denton

Assistant Director – Loves working with young children…

Christie has been employed with Children’s Classic since 1998. I love working with young children knowing they’re going to be our future leaders. Christie grew up in Manti working on the family cattle farm and showing horses. Christie loves horses, reading, shopping for shoes, looking for a great bargains and anything to do with her family.
Christie is married with two amazing boys. Her oldest son is currently serving an LDS mission in Houston Texas. Family is very important to her. Her husband is a teacher at Fremont High School so education is very important in her family.

She is very passionate about the sports her children participate in. Most nights and weekends you will find her either in a wrestling room or at the football field. Christie serves as a board member on the USA Utah executive wrestling board. Christie is also the Utah National team mom where she travels a lot with the national wrestling team. She is also very active with Fremont High School athletics.

Melanie Jenkins

Kindergarten Teacher – She bonds to each child…

Melanie Jenkins has worked for Children’s Classic for sixteen years and has taught Kindergarten since 2006. She has a passion for teaching and loves the children. She bonds to each child whether they need more one-on-one time or an extra hug. Within the first week she has bonded to each child. She is very animated when teaching her hands-on lessons. Because of her enthusiasm the children are excited to learn new topics and seem to love learning. She also involves the parents by sending home parent-child activities.

Here are some examples of her fun but effective teaching methods:

  • The children will take a tour of the world with the help of the Gingerbread Man.
  • Writing skills are developed by taking home a bear for the weekend and writing about their experience.
  • Each child is highlighted for an entire week with artifacts from home and lunch with their parents.
  • The children will take home an alphabet box and fill it with items from home that start with a specific letter, etc…

Shauna Kendell

Regional Director – Began her child care career in 1979…

Shauna Kendell attended Children’s Classic as a young child. She volunteered and worked in the center as a preteen. In 1979 she began her career at Children’s Classic. She attended Weber State and received her Child Development Associate Credential. In 1986 she became the Director. She is currently the Administrator over both facilities. She has her National Credential for Administration for Directors as well as her Infant and Toddler Endorsement. She recently received the Caring Heart Award for her service with Children’s Classic and its operations. She oversees the Utah State office of Education USDA Food Program.

Shauna enjoys spending time with her six children and 9 grand babies. She loves to travel and her passion is long distance running where she competes in race events. She has a tender spot in her heart for all of the families she serves and loves and appreciates all of their support over the years.