The South-Ogden Center’s Staff

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Kim Harding

Assistant Director – She enjoys learning many new things…

Kim Harding has worked for Children’s Classic since February 11, 1999. She has had many job roles here at Children’s Classic over the years and has enjoyed every position she has ever worked. She has her CDA (Child Development Associate) plus she has many endorsement certificates. She enjoys learning new and improved ways of teaching children. She has five wonderful children and three step-children. Their ages range from 12 to 26 years. Over the years she has learned many things from her children and is still learning. She was a single parent for nineteen years until she met a wonderful man that she is with now. She enjoys camping, sports and anything that has to do with her family. Reading, crafts and being with her friends is what Kim enjoys in her free time.

Nila Smith

Kindergarten Teacher – Loves the excitment in the children’s eyes…

Since 1992 Nila Smith has loved the children here at Children’s Classic and enjoys helping them learn. Whether its reading a word for the first time or learning to add, she loves the excitement in the childrens’ eyes when they can do something by themselves for the first time. Nila is very organized and keeps her parents informed by sending a monthly newsletter and calendar. Besides teaching the required Kindergarten core areas Nila adds additional activities to enhance her class around a monthly theme.

Here are examples of her classroom activities:

  • The children learn about different artists. They create their own art and have an art gallery showing for parents.
  • She teaches the kids about space, U.S. Presidents and Christmas around the world.
  • They have a alphabet show-n-tell weekly, bringing an item that starts with the letter they are learning for the week.
  • She also spotlights each child in her class.

Shauna Kendell

Regional Director- Began her child care career in 1979…

Shauna Kendell attended Children’s Classic as a young child. She volunteered and worked in the center as a preteen. In 1979 she began her career at Children’s Classic. She attended Weber State and received her Child Development Associate Credential. In 1986 she became the Director. She is currently the Administrator over both facilities. She has her National Credential for Administration for Directors as well as her Infant and Toddler Endorsement. She recently received the Caring Heart Award for her service with Children’s Classic and its operations. She oversees the Utah State office of Education USDA Food Program.

Shauna enjoys spending time with her six children and 9 grand babies. She loves to travel and her passion is long distance running where she competes in race events. She has a tender spot in her heart for all of the families she serves and loves and appreciates all of their support over the years.