This is my 9th year working at Children’s Classic. I feel like the children and staff are safe with the key coded entry. They Directors care about the kids and teachers. I feel like I have a voice here, and they care about our needs as teachers. The teachers are awesome and I have made some life long friends, some still work here and a few don’t but we still stay in touch. Cailtin-Teacher





I have worked here at Children’s Classic since October of 2013. When I was in high school I did not imagine myself wanting to make working with children my forever career. It was just something that made me think, “I could do that while I go to school. I’ve babysat before.” Once I started to work here I realized it was so much more than babysitting. There is a real family atmosphere throughout the center and I love being apart of that family. I get to teach and love all the kids in my class as if they were my own. Whenever they learn something new, or smile, or I am able to comfort and coach them through something difficult I feel an extreme sense of love for that child. I love coming here and just loving and teaching my kids the best way I know how! The kids and their families make it rewarding.                                                     Amanda-Teacher




I am going on 25 yrs. Here at Children’s Classic and love it! I would not dream of working any where else. Children’s Classic are great employers they care about their employee’s. They care about the kids and the classrooms. My co-workers are fun and it’s such an uplifting environment.

Nila-Kindergarten Teacher







This is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I have worked for Children’s Classic for 9 1/2 years. Children’s Classic is not just a company but it is also a family.








Hi, I’ve been  working at Children’s Classic for 27 yrs. My son attended for many years and loved it . I have second generations  returning.  I love that we are more then co-workers but also friends.                                                                     -Jodi








I have worked for Children’s Classic for 17 years. During this time I have had the privilege of teaching Kindergarten for 12 yrs. I enjoy my job and have fulfillment in teaching so any wonderful children.