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Archive for October 2019

Veteran’s Day

Veterans Day Hey all! We hope you all had an AMAZING 3 day weekend! I’m a day late and  I know we all love the extra time home with our kiddos and the great Veteran’s day sales, but I’d like to take a minute to refresh all of our memories on the reason this day…

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Trick Or Treat!

Trick Or Treat! Hey guys! With Halloween coming I thought I’d share a few ideas about safety, party ideas, pumpkins and other fun spooky things! Don’t forget your teeth in all the festivities this week! As always.. Like, Share, post pictures and shoot me some ideas of topics you’d like me to cover!! You can…

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Where does your food come from??

Where does your food come from?? ♡Hey Fam!! First off I hope you guys had the best time EVER this week  at the corn maize! I didn’t see as many of you as I would have liked but mommy duty called! Please share any pictures you have from that fun night!  Stay tuned for some…

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I’m Back!!

I’m Back!! A BIG hello to my CC Family! Its been a while but I’m back at it and better than ever!! Same rules apply, If you have any requests/suggestions let me know! If you need meal ideas, discipline plans, kid friendly activities, family fun or just some cute stories and good laughs than this…

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