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Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL! EVERY time I hear that phrase I think of Hank Williams Jr! As most of you know this Sunday is the Superbowl! Which means.. Parties, good food, funny commercials, nice halftime show and any other traditions your family has! My family has a party every year and this year…

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Have you washed your hands?

Have you washed your hands? Let’s take a moment and think about all of the things you’ve touched today. Phone, money, toilet, now add 297 other surfaces to that! According to you come in contact with 300 surfaces every 30 minuets which exposes you to 840,000 germs! That totally gave me the hee bee…

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Children’s Classic App

We are super excited to get our Children’s Classic¬† App up and running. The purpose of this App is to show you the parent what your child is doing throughout the day. To be able to see your child’s photos on the app and other social media you will need to sign a photo release…

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