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Now Enrolling for 2021-2022 Kindergarten classes

We are currently enrolling  for our kindergarten class. We have two amazing teachers Miss Melanie and Miss Nila They both do an amazing job and we are so glad they teach at our Schools.

Some of the things included in our program are listed below.

  • Meals and care before and after class time.
  • The children explore the “Land of the Letter People” where language comes alive. Mr. M has a munching mouth and Ms. T has tall teeth.
  • Areas covered are language & literacy, math, art, social studies, science and health.
  • Children in our Kindergarten program are taught sight words, as well as taught to read phonetically.
  • The children bring home books to read to their parents and have weekly spelling tests.
  • Other topics our program covers include self-esteem, feelings, keeping ourselves safe, etc.


If you are interested Please talk with Kim at Our Wasatch location and with Christie at Out 9th St. Location