Vacation & Illness Policy

Vacation & Illness Policy

Vacation Policy

MUST BE REGISTERED 5 DAYS A WEEK TO RECEIVE VACATION BENEFITS. WE WILL HONOR PART-TIME VACATION UNTIL AUGUST 25, 2023. As a benefit to our families, we offer vacation time. 5 vacation days in which no tuition is required between September 1st and Aug. 31st.


  • To use your vacation days, you must be enrolled in our center at least 6 consecutive months and you must also give a written notice FOURTEEN days in advance. Children's Classic will charge for any other days missed that do not meet this criteria. Exceptions will be made for hospitalization and death in the immediate family ONLY.
  • Unused vacation days cannot be saved. They can only be used in their assigned year or lost.
  • vacation days cannot be used to pay State child care assistant co-payments.
  • If you leave the center before you have used your vacation days, they are not payable to you, and cannot be saved if your child re-enrolls.

How your vacation credits will be given:

The computer will automatically bill your account your regular weekly rate. After the week is finished, your vacation will then be credited to your account the following Monday. Crediting your account after your vacation ensures that your child did not attend during your vacation time and that the days credited are correct. Auto Pay parents will be charged on Monday and then credited the following Monday.


I understand the vacation policy with its two weeks notice

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I understand that my child will participate in group activities while at Children's Classic and as such, may have contact with Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. Children's Classic is making best efforts to maintain a clean, healthy environment, and has appropriate practices in place to minimize the risk of infections. (See Parent Handbook for more details.) I understand the risk and agree to not hold Children's Classic staff, children, and families liable to any diseases my child may get during enrollment.

I will do my part in reducing the risk of spreading diseases by not bringing my child to school if he/she shows symptoms of vomitting, rashes, diarrhea, severe coughing, eye discharge, yellow skin or fever. I also understand that for my child to return to school after an illness he/she must:

  • be fever free for 24 hours without medication (unless Dr. note states otherwise)
  • be diarrhea, rash or vomiting free for 24 hours
  • be on an antibiotic for 24 hours (proof of presciption is required).

I understand that if my child has been exposed and has contacted a contagious disease, he/she must be kept at home and he/her condition should be reported to the center.

If your child shows these symptoms - vomitting, diarrhea, rashes, severe coughing, eye discharge, or fever while at school you will be contacted to take your child home. By signing below, you agree to pick up your child within 30 minutes after being contacted about your child becoming ill.

Tuition is still charged even though your child is sick. Tuition will only be credited for hospitalizations. Day/days in the hospital will be credited full rate. Days at home recovering will be charged at half rate until the doctor gives a release to return to school.


Parents who receive child care assistance will not be given credits for vacation, hospitalization, and death in the family. Co-pays are paid first and any balances or credits are between Children's Classic and Dept. of Workforce Services.

I have read and understand the policies above:

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*This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
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