Frog Street© For Infants, Toddlers, & 2s Starts Them Off On The Right Foot

The play-based Frog Street© Curriculum gets your little one interested in learning by establishing language-rich environments designed to stimulate children’s curiosity, cognitive and physical development, and expressive and receptive language skills.

C4L Connect For Learning® Gets 3s and 4s Kindergarten-Ready

Teachers introduce your child to pre-reading concepts, social-emotional skills, mathematics, science, art, literacy, and handwriting. As part of one of Utah’s high-quality preschool programs, C4L Connect for Learning® and Heggerty, you feel confident your little one learns the knowledge and skills they need for next steps.

Kindergarten Dives Into Reading With The Letter People® Phonics

In addition to a standardized math curriculum, kindergarteners focus on early literacy by learning with The Letter People®. Phonics takes a front seat for sure, but spelling, sight words, and home reading practice ensure your child is fully 1st grade ready!

Conscious Discipline® Provides All- Ages Social-Emotional Guidance

The Conscious Discipline® method by Dr. Becky Bailey introduces your child to problem-solving strategies, decision-making, self-regulation, and more. From the smallest babies to kindergarten grads, teachers gently guide children in managing emotions, making good choices, and being a good friend.

All-Inclusive Enrichments Supplement Academics

Infants and toddlers learn baby sign language to support and build communication skills. All classes have daily circle time featuring music and movement, and open-ended art and 3-times-daily reading round out enrichment offerings.

Kids Tend Gardens & Grow Food To Eat

Farm-to-table takes on new meaning when you see the herbs and veggies you tended in the morning show up in your lunch or afternoon snack! Your child learns about how plants grow and how to care for living things.

Field Trips Provide Hands- On Experiential Learning

Pre-school, pre-k, and kindergarten children go on 3 academic field trips per year, introducing them to some of Ogden’s popular activities through hands-on engagement. Recent favorites include the Treehouse Museum, Dinosaur Park, and Carver’s Cove Petting Farm.

How Old Is Your Child?

Infants & Toddlers

4 weeks - 23 months


24 months - 36 months

Threes & Pre-K

3 - 5 years


5 - 6 years

School Age

6 - 10 years

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